Letters of Support

Letters of support have come in from all parts of the community.

At the first public meeting a group of children wrote letters describing their feelings and drew pictures of what they wanted to see on the park.

“Dear Decisonmaker,
In the warmer wether I love to go to the park with my friends and my family.
I like to race my friends.
I would like one thing it’s a climbing wall/frame”

“I love Onchan Park My favourite bit is the wibbly wobbly bridge. If they took it away me and my friends would be very sad. Please don’t take our park away.” Niamh age 7

“I beg you ‘NOT’ to knock down our park and build houses. It’s not a good idea because when im ten (in march) I will be able to go on the park by my self and play with my friend. And Im looking forward to it. I was about to cry when my mum told me what you were going to do. Now you have made a lot of children unhappy! :( plus, my baby brother adores to go to the park. please don’t do this!” Grace age 9

” To whom it may concern,
I will be really disapointed (as will many local people) to see Onchan park go and be replaced by buildings and houses. I’ve lived here for many years and played on the park many times, making lots of memories, I don’t want this to stop; I am sure this may occur to many other people. I have a big brother and little brother and my little brother won’t be able to make memories like i did. Buildings and houses arn’t fun to play on like the park! I am used to looking out a window and seeing a beautiful park, but I can’t do that when theres buildings there. Removing the park will make me and others VERY sad. So please keep our park the way it is.”
Ruby age 11

“They can’t close the Park” and “I hope we save the Park.” Jade age 14, Nottingham Academy


Our children are worried about losing their park and would like it to remain intact. This safe place within their neighbourhood holds many special memories and cultivates their independence.

Jo Wilson, Assistant Beaver Scout Leader, at 5th Carlton Beaver Scouts wrote a letter explaining the importance of Onchan Park to her scout group.

She says:

In addition to using the recreation areas we also come to the park to study plant life, identify trees, take bark rubbings and collect fallen leaves for crafts. The park also serves as a familiar destination during our walks around the local area.

She expresses disappointment and concern that the park is under review. Jo was one of the first people to share her thoughts in a letter and we’d like to thank her for her support for Friends of Onchan Park.

We’d like to thank those who have spent time writing to us to share their memories of the past and concerns for the future. These insights from the wider community strengthen our cause. Please add your voice and together we can be stronger.

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