Onchan Park is a park in the Gedling Borough Council district at the top of Oakdale Road, Carlton, Nottingham, England. Bordered by Onchan Avenue, Onchan Drive and Greenhill Road the once vibrant park was used by people from across the region. The children’s playground, tennis court, table tennis tables, multi-use-games-area, greenspace and the flora and fauna all providing opportunities for all ages to be active and enjoy the surroundings.

Update Spring 2024: Table tennis bats and balls are available to borrow from Jazz’s shop on Oakdale Road. Please return them to the shop when you have finished playing table tennis on the park.

I am pleased to provide you with the following updates on our recent activities and ongoing projects as of our last AGM in June 2023.

  1. Welcome Paul G to Committee: We extend a warm welcome to Paul G, who has joined our committee and brings valuable insights to our team.
  2. Facility Usage: Our MUGA, Table Tennis, and Tennis court continue to be in constant use, underscoring their importance to our community.
  3. Community-Led Litter Control: Thanks to Paul G’s initiative, we now have litter pickers available, and community members are actively involved in keeping our grounds clean.
  4. Community Monitoring and Reporting: The community is actively monitoring and reporting issues via Facebook and the Council website, ensuring timely action on concerns.
  5. Addressing Pavilion Vandalism: We are making progress in addressing vandalism issues at the Pavilion, although challenges remain regarding secure item storage.
  6. Improving Communication with GBC: Efforts are ongoing to improve communication with Gedling Borough Council (GBC) for better coordination.
  7. Severn Trent Bid Update: Our bid with Severn Trent has been ready since December 2020. We have a meeting scheduled later this month with Mel and Terry B to discuss next steps.
  8. Hedge Sound Barrier: The hedge intended as a sound barrier has faced challenges with growth. We are considering planting whips and arranging for regular watering to ensure its success.

The next AGM will be held in September- meeting date to be announced soon.

Next event:

Watch this space!

Regular events and facilities:

Bootcamp: Every Sunday 9:30 – 10:30. Details here – contact Jude to book.

Table tennis bats and balls available to borrow every day at the park during the summer.

(Updated December 2022)

We need you!

Friends of Onchan Park conducted a survey which showed the need for a community hub in the area sometimes known as ‘Carlton Village’ or the Carlton district ward. Our community wants: keep fit, yoga, youth clubs, book club, education groups, parent and baby groups, art class, zumba, bootcamp and holiday clubs. What could you offer?

We need community groups to come forward to be stakeholders in the pavilion development project so that the building can be renovated to suit your needs. Please email parkonchan@gmail.com if you would like to be involved. If possible, please give details such as: Name of group, Activities offered (with possible days and times), Facilities required, Space required. We would love to hear from you.

The Friends of Onchan Park formed in 2016 and aim to look after the interests of park users and the local community so that those who have enjoyed using it for the past 50 years can continue to use it and it will be there for many future generations. Setting up the Friends Of Onchan Park allows the local community to have a say in how it’s run, raise funding for new equipment and make it a great community influenced facility.

The group also organise events at the park: a Summer Fun Day and Halloween Spooktacular. We are always looking for volunteers to help with these events or with maintenance or activities at the park throughout the year. Please check out Facebook ‘Save Onchan Park’ or flogoollow us on Twitter @OnchanPark. We hold regular, informal meetings online or at either John’s Church or the Elwes Arms pub, please contact us via the website if you’d like to join the Committee.


If you can help out or do something for the group, please let us know and ask to come along to the online meetings. We have lots of ideas for events, we are in the middle of a couple of projects (resurfacing the greenspace and developing the pavilion) so we need people who can work with us to get these ideas off the ground and helpers to run activities at our events.