Survey and Plans

The future plans for Onchan Park will be discussed at the Public Meeting and AGM on Tuesday 27th June 6:30pm at St John’s Church Oakdale Rd.

It is a year since our group was officially formed! We are holding a public meeting and AGM on Tuesday 27th June at 6:30pm at St John’s Church. Everyone is invited, so come along and hear about the past year and our plans for the future of the park.

Survey park facilities graph snipThe survey that we conducted online and face-to-face last year will help us to plan the redevelopment of the park. Over 500 people completed our survey, either online, in local streets (Onchan Drive, Southdale Drive, Douglas Avenue, Oakdale Road and Cliff Road) or in a focus group at Parkdale Primary School.

You can see the full results of the survey here: survey-graphs. We are aware that the responses of teenagers were not well represented in the survey and we take every opportunity to speak to teenagers whenever they use the park.

plan of the park snipWe have made a plan of the park showing the roads bordering the park, the access points and steps and the main usage of the areas within the park: Onchan Park Plan PDF version

At committee meetings in May and June, we discussed in detail the many possible layouts and potential ways that the areas could be used, based on the survey results and our own observations.

We have come up with a very ambitious overall general plan which will transform the park into an accessible, engaging, comfortable, sociable space to promote health, happiness and well-being. The details of the plans will be discussed at the public meeting. At the Summer Fun Day you will have the chance to vote and comment on the plans.


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