Update- MUGA , Table Tennis and Access gate and path

You might be thinking that Onchan Park looks unchanged compared to this time last year. Here is a quick update about what has been going on behind the scenes.

Update: what have we done already?

We set up a survey to ask people what they wanted to see on the park in 2016. The results of this and our petition showed that local people were passionate about saving the park and pavilion and that they wanted to see a community hub and refurbished facilities. You can still read all the reasons the people wanted to save the park at the Change.org website.  At the Summer Fun Day in 2017 we asked people to vote on which facility they would like to see developed first, the overwhelming winner was the Multi-Use-Games-Area or MUGA. Have a look at our plans from back in August 2017.

During 2017 and 2018 the Friends of Onchan Park have acted on this information and have held several meetings with parks development officers at Gedling Borough Council to put together a specification document. We have also met with several different contractors on site to assist them in putting together a quotation for the work that needs to be done.

As a result of all this work we have information from the community showing the need to redevelop the MUGA, install table tennis tables and provide a new pedestrian gate and access path. We have a specification and plan drawings that allowed us to get four quotes from contractors.

What are the next steps?

The next steps will be to secure funding for this project and consultation with local residents is a big part of this process. We discussed this at our last public meeting in May 2018, the minutes are here if you want to read them. If you live within sight of Onchan Park, we will be visiting you soon to talk about our plans with you. Once we know that everyone is happy with the plans then we can start applying for funding from WREN, Sport England or one of the National Lottery Charities. Once funding has been secured, we can work with the Council to award the contract to the successful bidder.

We are aiming to be awarded funds to be able to transform the MUGA, install table tennis tables and a new pedestrian gate and access path for pushchairs and wheelchairs. We also want to keep the park’s neighbours happy and we can change our plans to ensure that this happens. Above all we want to create a park that we can be proud of that is used by lots of different people to enjoy being in nature and getting active.

We hope that this little update will help you to understand everything that is going on with the park. Everyone is welcome to come along to the public meetings or to offer help with events or activities at the committee meetings.

4 Responses to Update- MUGA , Table Tennis and Access gate and path

  1. Jonathan Pickett says:

    The access gate needs re-consideration. Myself and other residents (most affected by this part of the proposals) feel that this has been a side issue of the plans and many have not fully realised the implications.
    We are all supportive of the overall objectives and improvements but this access on Onchan Avenue has not been properly thought through with the residents on this side of the park who frequently have issues with cars parked on this narrow road where access is increasingly difficult. We would very much like better and more full communication with us on this issue, please.

  2. Alison Pritchard says:

    The local residents have been the first to be consulted on all matters, which is why our volunteers took the time to visit every house surrounding the park and talk to residents. At this stage there is nothing new to communicate and we have a long way to go to secure funding for any improvements, however we are getting closer. We can only reiterate what we have said previously, that all views will be taken into consideration.
    Please come to our meetings to share your concerns. Unfortunately the site makes access for any wheeled users practically impossible. We would be interested to hear any alternative proposals you have for the disabled access. Any time volunteered is always welcome.

  3. J Pickett says:

    I am sorry to have missed your reply but I must take issue with the issue of communication. My house was missed off completely with the last survey and I was only informed by a neighbour. The only communication I have had was around 18 months or more ago when two people came to our house and I expressed my disapproval for the disabled access entry gate. Any public meetings do not seem to be well publicised as I rarely if ever get notification of them. Plans for the park may seem a good idea but ever since the park lost its full time park keeper the condition and abuse of the park has increased. Most youths gain access from our road, so the residents most affected will be us not anyone else in the vicinity.

    • Maria Robinson says:

      I can confirm that all the residents were visited, some multiple times, to secure a response to our questions by our volunteer committee members. This survey took place in spring 2019. We have recorded your response and we have highlighted the issues you raised with the GBC officers. We have invited you to committee meetings and the AGM was publicised on our website, facebook, twitter and via email to our mailing list. There have been no other public meetings in 2019, so you haven’t missed one. If you’d like to be on our mailing list, then please use the “contact us” page to let us have your current email address.
      The idea is that if Onchan Park has a fully accessible gate and paths, then everyone will be able to enter and use the park. We are aware that with the current set up some people climb over the vehicle access gate. This is problematic in many ways – it’s not safe to attempt this and only some people are able and willing to do this. A proper pedestrian path allowing access for all will encourage people of all ages and abilities into the park, not just “youths”.

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