Survey at St John’s Playgroup

Survey from St John’s playgroup Summer 2019

Friends of Onchan Committee visited the last day of the summer term at St John’s Playgroup on 18th July 2019 to survey the parents about their use of Onchan Park and how they would like it to be developed in the future. Surprisingly one person was unaware of the location of the park- she had never visited it and did not know that it was only a few hundred meters down the road from St Johns playgroup.


Do you use the park?

  • Yes – 14
  • No – 3


Reasons for not using the park

  • No children
  • Not well kept – too much rubbish on the park
  • Would use if it was tidy
  • Only just realised there is a park


What you’d like to see on the park

  • Children’s play equipment (8) – Slide; swings; roundabouts; zip line; floor trampoline; see saw;
  • Toilets (7)
  • Ground is uneven, level footpaths
  • Cycle track
  • Coffee shop (6)
  • Improved cleaning
  • Outdoor gym on bowling green
  • Basketball area
  • Family activities community events – craft days; fun days; talent shows
  • Summer clubs for kids
  • Exercise classes
  • Pavilion in use
  • Picnic benches (2)
  • Sensory equipment and trails
  • Football pitches


The Friends of Onchan park committee are saddened that once again the condition of the park is putting people off. We bring this up at our regular meetings with the parks department officers. We would also encourage people to use the Gedling Borough “Report It” portal to report any issues with rubbish, dog poo, vandalism etc at Onchan. The link to the portal is here.

3 Responses to Survey at St John’s Playgroup

  1. maxine says:

    I have 8 grandchildren from age 1 to 13 they have all used the park in the past but they do say now that there are not enough things on the park for the different ages the eldest one says it was better before they started taking things away especially for the little one eg: no slides :

  2. Anita Norman says:

    Personally ive always foud the park ckean & tidy . My grandchilldren nieces & nephews have always enjoyed.it at Onchan pk . But now they are above the age of 7/8 yrs its not enough for them . They want to climb & swing on an older level. Yes an outdoor gym & a zip wire would be good or one of those chunky rope swings . We do want to use it ….not loose it .

  3. Disgruntled says:

    I have already complained about the fact that the main park signs state that no dogs are allowed in the recreation ground but there is a small sign by the gate that states no dogs in the play area. I was so fed up with both me and my granddaughter coming home with dog poo on our shoes after we had gone and played in the park ( not just the play area ) we also always used to take a ball and play football that we no longer use the park. Whilst I realise dogs are important to their owners they must be made to realise that dogs are animals and humans must come first. We always clear up I hear the owners cries but I have yet to see an owner actually clean the ground where their dog has fouled or wee’d. Would they like it if I took my grand daughter and let her wee and poo all over the park ? Why are dogs allowed into such a small communal space where children and adults want to meet and play without worrying about dogs and their mess. The dogs are also not on leads therefore not under control which in my opinion also poses a safety threat to the humans using the park.

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