Information Stall– St John’s Summer Fair 2019

Community Consultation at St. John’s Church – Information Stall at Summer Fair on 22nd of June 2019

FoOP had an information stall at St. John’s Church. Initially, Terry and I were at the stall. Later on, Alison and Sheelagh came as well.

The aim was to show the community our work and plans for the future. We have spoken to members of the public about our work and wanted to have some feedback. It was a good way to promote our park. We publicized our AGM on this occasion.

It took a while until people came to us, because we didn’t sell any food and drinks. We “only” had to offer information about the park. Later, we approached the people a bit more purposeful and the result was that kids and a few adults came to us with some feedback. They were writing it on post-it notes. One lady didn’t know that the park existed.

What would you like to see on the park?

  • cricket green for playing cricket
  • birds houses / tables
  • nature plants
  • “Nice” plants
  • white lines sprayed on the grass (to play football)
  • picnic tables
  • “A see-saw please”
  • “Place to lock our bikes”
  • “Fantastic idea MUGA TT” (table-tennis)


“Very good idea” (the suggestions)
“What a wonderful park”

Two people complained that the park is dirty and covered with broken glass

P Alimonti, 9th of September 2019

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  1. Disgruntled says:

    Why can’t dogs just be banned from this recreation ground ? It is such a small area anyway and not really big enough to exersice dogs . The existing signs state that dogs are not allowed. That way we will just have to play tip toe as we walk round the park to get in !

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