Plan for the future

The ‘Friends of Onchan Park’ plan to create new areas for play and recreation at Onchan Park by using some spaces that have been underused in recent years. Local residents gave us their ideas in the survey in 2016 and at the Summer fun day 2017. Here are the results.

New playground equipment, outdoor fitness, trampolines or zip wires were popular choices in our survey from last year. Survey park facilities graph snip

People also wanted to see table tennis, a picnic area, a multi-use games area (MUGA), a garden or wildlife area and better ramp access to the play area. After many discussions, we have settled on an initial plan to develop several areas of the park to accommodate these activities. The new tennis net which was replaced in spring 2017 allows people to play tennis at Onchan Park for the first time in a few years. It has been well used over the warmer months. Football is played in all areas of the park- on the old bowling green, on the two hard courts, and even between the courts on the slope.

park new areas snip

The multi-use-games-area would include basketball facilities and could be located on the court alongside Greenhill Road. This may cause noise or disturbance to local residents. Before the Fun Day residents of Greenhill were consulted. Alison and Terry met with each household individually to talk through the plans for the MUGA. All residents were happy for the MUGA plans to go ahead.

Friends of Onchan Park are a relatively small group of volunteers and we would like to work on one project at a time. At the Summer Fun Day 2017 visitors could vote on which was their ‘most wanted’ area, activity or project. Visitors had three tokens and then could vote for their top three or most favourite project. The tokens were counted up and the results were:

muga graph snip

So our sample of 87 people have chosen the MUGA as the first project to be developed.

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