Table Tennis Funding Bid

To fund the establishment of a table tennis area on the Oakdale Road Recreation Ground known locally as Onchan Park. We are looking to provide two table tennis tables and a secure base. Having the use of a table tennis area will encourage the children to use the park more often and the Friends of Group would like to encourage more children to take up this sport.

The Friends of Onchan Park recently secured the future of the park for the needs of the community. Following our summer fun day the community voted for a MUGA and table tennis area as a priority. In its present state the park is distinctly lacking in sporting facilities and equipment .

Table tennis is a really popular sport in our local community. Children enjoy clubs at both primary and secondary schools in the area and would love to be able to play in out of school hours. Friends of Onchan Park hope be able to provide this much needed table tennis facility for the community as the first step in creating a lasting legacy for the community.

A table tennis area on the old turning circle would regenerate a forgotten corner of Onchan Park. This spot is the most sheltered patch of the park so hopefully the wind won’t interfere with the games too much. The Friends of Onchan Park would be able to supply some ping pong bats and balls. The park is open and unlocked all day, so the community would be able to access the table tennis area at any time.

According to the PingEngland website, the nearest outdoor table tennis facility is at the National Ice Arena, 2.2 miles away from Onchan Park. Have a look at this map, which shows the table tennis areas across Nottingham which were funded by Ping! There is a huge gap in the urban area of Nottingham in the east showing a lack of facilities for a large part of the Nottingham district. Having an outdoor table tennis area with 2 tables and a supply of bats and balls would allow a large population to access this inclusive and enjoyable sport.

23,000 people live within a 30 minute walk of Onchan Park. That’s 4300 people under 16 who would benefit from increased physical activity and 3600 people over 65 who would benefit from the social aspects of meeting people and playing table tennis.
(Data from Gedling BC data insights and NCC ward boundary maps.)

The old turning circle is 12m x 12m and the ground will need levelling before the tables are installed. A table tennis table is 2.75m x 1.5m and needs a playing space of 8.5m x 4m. Two tables can be accommodated in a space 10m x 8m.
This project is about more than just a table tennis table. It’s about groundworks and installation of 2 outdoor table tennis tables on unused land, provision of associated equipment, free to use and available 24/7.

Local schools have been quick to support our table tennis project. Children at Parkdale, Sacred Heart, Carlton Central, Nottingham Academy and Carlton Le Willows would all benefit from a table tennis area at Onchan Park. These children helped to save the pavilion and the park with their colourful artwork on the pavilion. Now it is time for the adults to help develop the facilities on the park to create a space worth visiting.

Register and vote here- https://community-fund.aviva.co.uk/voting/project/view/17-2647



General Meeting Minutes – June 2017

Onchan Park General Meeting Minutes

Tuesday 26th June 2017 at St John’s Church

Present:- Onchan Park Committee Members, Nicki Brooks Labour Councillor, Jane Richardson Gedling Borough Council, Paul Wilkinson Labour Councillor, Local community residents

Apologises – Amanda (Vicar)

The meeting was opened and everyone introduced themselves and the jobs they do on the committee.

1. Alison (The Chair) read the Chairs reports detailing the events regarding saving the park, the survey we undertook, how we started out as a small charity but now as we are going for funding we are now seeking full charity status as an incorporated charity so we can obtain high end funding. The support we also received from Nottingham City Transport for the mural event and the publicity for the mural and the offer from Wrights roofing to fix the roof but the council has used it own contractor. The report concluded that we need to finalise our application for the charity commission, we need to look for funding to improve the park and amenities. The map layout was shown at the meeting with things that we are looking to put on the park following the details from the survey.

2. Sally gave the treasurers report on behalf of Sheelagh, detailing the money in and out of the bank, the donations we have received and the balance of the account.

3. Paul the Events Committee Chair updated as on the events that had taken place on the park. Paul mentioned that we had 179 designs for the mural from the local schools, how it was supported by his employer NCT to fund the event. Paul discussed the 2016 Summer Fun Day which was organised within two week and how we also had a fantastic spooktacular, the Spring Festival and that plans were on track for the 2017 Summer Fun Day.

4. Website update from Maria who is our media communications committee member. Maria spoke about the website which has the latest news, the events page news. 44 posts added to the website with regular ideas, details from the focus groups and photos from our events and pictures from past and present on the memory page. We have 150 followers on Twitter which reminds people of the events. The Facebook page has a following of 979 members most of whom joined on the initial weekend when it was launched. The survey that was on the website had feedback from all over the world from people who had left the local area but still remember the fun times on the park. We use local networks regarding parks and Friends of groups and we are part of the Greenwood Group. We have also received support from the local media from Notts TV for the for 2016 Summer Fun Day and BBC East Midlands for the Mural Event. Gedling Eye always supports us and show details of the events and news. At the 2017 Summer Fun Day we will have a display regarding the park and the feedback from the community regarding our timeline and the community voting for our projects.

5. Committee update no one wanted to stand down and no one wanted to join.


General Meeting Minutes – January 2017

Onchan Park General Meeting Minutes

Tuesday 17th January 2017 at St John’s Church

Present:- Friends of Onchan Park Committee, Residents from the Local Community

The meeting was opened and everyone introduced themselves

1. Alison (The Chair) confirmed that the park had been saved and the council were not going to build on the park. We are looking to fund a MUGA, the mural on the pavilion which Nottingham City Transport would fund the cost of the paint and artist. We would re-instate the tennis court and look at the pavilion and whether it could be turned into a community hub.

2. Plans for the future to look at the pavilion and go back to the research that we have and look at the ideas and maybe go back to the community for feedback. We discussed the survey and petition.

3. The pavilion is a big concern as needs to be able to cover its own costs if we use it as a community hub, we cannot do classes as we need to re-furbish it, can we use the pavilion on a daily basis or should we knock it down and use the space for something else. If the pavilion was to be used as a community hub we would need to ensure that we did not conflict with other user groups, the pub and the church.

4. Ideas were shown for our own logo and the meeting agreed on the hands, heart and writing and maybe to include a mural design – need 3 options and whether we need darker hands or more people.

5. It was mentioned that we need new members for the committee and events and we need more people to help with the park.

6. We discussed the ground maintenance and the need to keep the park tidy – could we have a garden club and arrange for volunteers to attend the park on a regular basis for planting and looking after plants.

7. Tennis courts – one cannot be used because of the surface of the court – the actual tennis court to be updated with a new net. The council have agreed to re-do the white lines. The other court could be used as a MUGA and we need funding to update it, could we use the old bowling green for football as to turn it back into a bowling green could be a huge expense.

Any Other Business

Could we use the park to hold a car boot – although this may not be allowed as you cannot have one within 3 miles of the city centre.

The Elwes – could we have joint ventures with the pub to attract the community to both venues.

Gedling Show is going to move venues to the Gedling Country Park.

Roy Dixon – roofer could he look at repairing the roof.


New Playground Equipment

Friends of Onchan Park aim to renew and refresh the playground equipment at Onchan Park over the next few years.

This will be a big project and we will need some serious funding. We want to know what the community would like to see on the playground area of Onchan park.

Last year in the survey that we conducted many people wanted to see new play equipment, outdoor fitness, trampolines or zip wires at Onchan Park. We wanted to know a bit more about what equipment the community want. At the Summer Fun Day on 16th July 2017 grown ups and children took part in an interactive display. First they voted on which new area of the park they would like to see developed first. (Results here.) Then they had the chance to look through a brochure of play equipment, which included traditional play, themed play, urban climbing structures, rope climbing structures, fitness, multi-sports and park equipment and vote for their favourites. Many children and adults had strong ideas about what they would like to see at Onchan Park. Themes running through the responses included:

A child who has autism would like to play in a basket swing and also would like sensory toys- noisy e.g. drums, chimes or bouncy e.g. trampoline in the ground, also they would like a trim trail.

“Something big and tall that is really adventurous for children to climb up.”

“Value for money, something that would be amazing and special.”

“Something unique that would make the park stand out and that people would drive to.”

Suggestion of building two MUGA courts by splitting the current one in half.

“Keen on the idea of a MUGA because teams of children can play together in comparison with tennis when it’s only up to 4 children.”

Suggestions for play equipment:

We also have to think carefully about how to tackle the varying levels and steps at Onchan park. One idea to improve access between the two main play areas is to provide a bridge or an elevated board walk to allow pushchairs and wheelchairs to move freely between the older child play area ad the toddler play area. This would create a more inclusive playground.



Plan for the future

The ‘Friends of Onchan Park’ plan to create new areas for play and recreation at Onchan Park by using some spaces that have been underused in recent years.

New playground equipment, outdoor fitness, trampolines or zip wires were popular choices in our survey from last year. Survey park facilities graph snip

People also wanted to see table tennis, a picnic area, a multi-use games area (MUGA), a garden or wildlife area and better ramp access to the play area. After many discussions, we have settled on an initial plan to develop several areas of the park to accommodate these activities. The new tennis net which was replaced in spring 2017 allows people to play tennis at Onchan Park for the first time in a few years. It has been well used over the warmer months. Football is played in all areas of the park- on the old bowling green, on the two hard courts, and even between the courts on the slope.

park new areas snip

The multi-use-games-area would include basketball facilities and could be located on the court alongside Greenhill Road. This may cause noise or disturbance to local residents. Before the Fun Day residents of Greenhill were consulted. Alison and Terry met with each household individually to talk through the plans for the MUGA. All residents were happy for the MUGA plans to go ahead.

Friends of Onchan Park are a relatively small group of volunteers and we would like to work on one project at a time. At the Summer Fun Day 2017 visitors could vote on which was their ‘most wanted’ area, activity or project. Visitors had three tokens and then could vote for their top three or most favourite project. The tokens were counted up and the results were:

muga graph snip

So our sample of 87 people have chosen the MUGA as the first project to be developed.


Fun Day Sunday 16th July

We can now announce our schedule for the Summer Fun Day on 16th July at Onchan Park (Oakdale Rd Rec) 1-5pm.

Our raffle has some amazing prizes on offer:

afternoon tea for 2 at The Good Food Guide Gold Winning Elwes Arms,

a cash prize of £25 donated by the Friends of Onchan Park,

£40 Cineworld voucher,

£20 High Street Voucher,

£15 ITunes Voucher,

£10 Love2Shop Voucher,

donations from local supermarkets,

Wine donated by Jazz,

a Costa Gift set

and much more!

Tickets are available to buy from Friends of Onchan Park committee members or you can buy them at the Fun Day on Sunday at £1 for 5 tickets.

We have a display of photos of Onchan Park over the years, some press cuttings from the Save Onchan Park Campaign from last year, and we’d like you to vote on the next project you’d like to see at the park – choices are between a picnic area, Multi-use-games-area, table tennis, an accessible ramp and play facilities or a wildlife/garden area. We would also like to know what new equipment you’d like to see on the park – whether it’s a trim trail, outdoor fitness, traditional play equipment or something a bit different. The display and voting will be on the Old Bowling Green all afternoon, so come along and have your say.

There will be refreshments and toilet facilities so you can enjoy the whole afternoon at the park with your family and friends:

Dave from The Inn at the Bank will be providing hot food and drinks,

The Scouts will have a candy floss stall,

There will be an ice cream van on the park for the afternoon,

We will have an amazing cake to guess-the-weight.

Have a go on one of the many traditional stalls – tombola, cake sale, water-to-wine stall, guessing games and much more.

This year we have a bouncy castle, an inflatable football game and hook-a-duck on the Old Bowling Green. The police are bringing a patrol car and a PCSO will be giving out freebies. A fire engine will be arriving at 1pm and will park on Oakdale Road. You could collect a smoke detector or climb inside the cab. The unit may have to respond to a call out, so don’t be late!


The raffle will be drawn at 4:30pm, just before the Fun Day closes at 5pm.

Face Painting

Face Painting

Cake stall

Cake stall

Bouncy castle

Bouncy castle

We have had some really successful events over the last year, please come along, enjoy the afternoon and help us make this one a great success.


Survey and Plans

The future plans for Onchan Park will be discussed at the Public Meeting and AGM on Tuesday 27th June 6:30pm at St John’s Church Oakdale Rd.

It is a year since our group was officially formed! We are holding a public meeting and AGM on Tuesday 27th June at 6:30pm at St John’s Church. Everyone is invited, so come along and hear about the past year and our plans for the future of the park.

Survey park facilities graph snipThe survey that we conducted online and face-to-face last year will help us to plan the redevelopment of the park. Over 500 people completed our survey, either online, in local streets (Onchan Drive, Southdale Drive, Douglas Avenue, Oakdale Road and Cliff Road) or in a focus group at Parkdale Primary School.

You can see the full results of the survey here: survey-graphs. We are aware that the responses of teenagers were not well represented in the survey and we take every opportunity to speak to teenagers whenever they use the park.

plan of the park snipWe have made a plan of the park showing the roads bordering the park, the access points and steps and the main usage of the areas within the park: Onchan Park Plan PDF version

At committee meetings in May and June, we discussed in detail the many possible layouts and potential ways that the areas could be used, based on the survey results and our own observations.

We have come up with a very ambitious overall general plan which will transform the park into an accessible, engaging, comfortable, sociable space to promote health, happiness and well-being. The details of the plans will be discussed at the public meeting. At the Summer Fun Day you will have the chance to vote and comment on the plans.



Spring Festival Success

The Spring Festival at Onchan Park was an amazing success, in more ways than one!

winners ACS and PaulA celebration of brilliant artwork by local schoolchildren, dance, theatre and poetry brought the community together on St George’s Day. Street artists Dak and Dash transferred A4 designs on to the walls of the pavilion using spray paint funded by Nottingham City Transport. Anthony Carver Smith from NCT and Paul Goodson, OP Events Coordinator stood with the winning children on the steps in front of the pavilion. The sun shone in Carlton for Nottingham Theatre Dance and Bear Left Theatre Company as they performed on the Old Bowling Green. Chairperson Alison Pritchard wrote a set of clues for the dragon egg treasure hunt in rhyming couplets, which had the children running all over the park.  Local councillors Nicki Brooks and Paul Wilkinson, who had judged the winning designs, were at the park once again to show their support. The celebrations were slightly dampened because the pavilion roof had recently suffered from mindless vandalism by local children who damaged 40 roof tiles.

A team from East Midlands Today filmed at the festival and the story was the lead item on the news on Sunday 23rd April. Late that evening we received an email from a local roofing company kindly offering to repair the damage free of charge. Jason and Jane Wright from Wrights Roofing live locally and their very generous offer means that the pavilion roof can be made good once again. Friends of Onchan Park are obviously delighted with the offer and it was a very unexpected turn of events which came about after the media attention in the Spring Festival. When we contacted Gedling Borough Council Parks Department, they were astonished and admitted that this has never happened before. Now we can start to work with J Wrights Roofing and Gedling Borough Council to repair the damage so that the pavilion roof will look as good as the walls.


New tennis net at Onchan Park

There is a new tennis net on the tennis court at Onchan Park!  Tennis was a popular activity as recorded in our survey from last year, and now the council have replaced the posts and net. Onchan Park is the local name for Oakdale Road Recreation Ground, the park and tennis court are open all day, every day for the public to play on this hard outdoor surface.

Bus numbers 25, 27 stop at Tesco in Carlton and there is a path from the very top of Church Street straight up the hill to the Elwes Arms pub. From there, Onchan Park is across the road beyond the post box. Alternatively, number 44 loops through Bakersfield, up Douglas Avenue and then stops on Oakdale Road. The park is about a 5 minute walk east past Jazz’s convenience store along Oakdale Road.

By car, the park is accessible from the city centre via Sneinton dale and Oakdale Road or from the Tesco Superstore in Carlton via Southdale Road and Southdale Drive. There is lots of on-street parking on Onchan Drive, NG4 3DB or Onchan Avenue, right next to the park gate.

Friends of Onchan Park are really pleased that the net has been replaced, please let us know if you use the court, we’d love to hear from you.

tennis net


NCT saves the day for pavilion art!

Nottingham City Transport will fund materials for our pavilion art project!

Not only have NCT provided the funds to make the children’s dream a reality, Paul Goodson, events co-ordinator for Friends of Onchan Park who came up with the idea and pulled the project together, works for NCT as does the graffiti artist Dak from In Living Colour who will be transforming the children’s artwork from A4 designs to life size graffiti works of art. The Friends of Onchan Park Group are delighted that NCT marketing Director Anthony Carver-Smith stepped in to provide the cost of materials to enable the artwork to go ahead.

“We couldn’t have dreamt of a better response.  NCT and their employees have really done the community proud!  The pavilion has been looking rather neglected this year since government budget cuts have come into force and this will really brighten up the park space.   The children have been really excited at the prospect of their artwork being turned into giant graffiti art. ” said Alison Pritchard Chair of The Friends of Onchan Park group.

Local people are looking forward to seeing the graffiti art completed. The volunteer group also hope to apply for grant funding to create a community hub and completely renovate the park, working with Gedling Borough Council.