New Playground Equipment

Friends of Onchan Park aim to renew and refresh the playground equipment at Onchan Park over the next few years.

This will be a big project and we will need some serious funding. We want to know what the community would like to see on the playground area of Onchan park.

Last year in the survey that we conducted many people wanted to see new play equipment, outdoor fitness, trampolines or zip wires at Onchan Park. We wanted to know a bit more about what equipment the community want. At the Summer Fun Day on 16th July 2017 grown ups and children took part in an interactive display. First they voted on which new area of the park they would like to see developed first. (Results here.) Then they had the chance to look through a brochure of play equipment, which included traditional play, themed play, urban climbing structures, rope climbing structures, fitness, multi-sports and park equipment and vote for their favourites. Many children and adults had strong ideas about what they would like to see at Onchan Park. Themes running through the responses included:

A child who has autism would like to play in a basket swing and also would like sensory toys- noisy e.g. drums, chimes or bouncy e.g. trampoline in the ground, also they would like a trim trail.

“Something big and tall that is really adventurous for children to climb up.”

“Value for money, something that would be amazing and special.”

“Something unique that would make the park stand out and that people would drive to.”

Suggestion of building two MUGA courts by splitting the current one in half.

“Keen on the idea of a MUGA because teams of children can play together in comparison with tennis when it’s only up to 4 children.”

Suggestions for play equipment:

We also have to think carefully about how to tackle the varying levels and steps at Onchan park. One idea to improve access between the two main play areas is to provide a bridge or an elevated board walk to allow pushchairs and wheelchairs to move freely between the older child play area ad the toddler play area. This would create a more inclusive playground.


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