Minutes from Public Meeting 16/05/18

Onchan Park Public Meeting Minutes

Wednesday 16th May at 6.30pm at Saint John’s Church

Present:- Committee Members, Local and County Councillors, Members of the Community

Apologises:- 2 committee members and the vicar from St John’s Church

The Chair gave the group an update regarding saving the park and where we are going with the park.

She also mentioned there had been changes to the committees as two members had left and also one from events. A new events committee chair had been appointed and the group had set up new MUGA committee, this committee had a meeting with the council on Monday 14th May to discuss the proposed MUGA site.

We confirmed that the Summer Fun Day would be held on Sunday 24th June and that we would be organising the Halloween Spooktacular for October. The summer fun day was nearly organised just some last minute things need completing. The events meetings are about once a quarter and again we need volunteers to help with stalls and leaflet drops – the group does have a social media presence and this is used to help communicate with the community.

We do have a website which has 7 pages with details of events and news and lots of photos. Our Facebook page is now called “Friends of Onchan Park”. We have 941 members, we also have 160 followers on twitter and 737 tweets which are mostly about our events and connecting with schools, businesses and organisation. We also email 272 supporters about events and meetings.

We sent out leaflets to the local community about the public meeting. We are also linked with Gedling Eye as they are also willing to share our details.

Gedling Borough Council gave us 200 daffodil bulbs which were planted in December 2017 with help from the committee members and local children and adults. We also have received seed packs from Grow Wild and we are hoping to plant them around the park to create patches of wild flowers. As the council own the park we need to check with them regarding staging events and doing any activities on the park like litter picking.

We receive support from the council with regard to maintenance and grass cutting and they also help with funding bids. We also receive support from our local councillors as well as the county councillors we have received donations from them to help with administration and also for our table tennis fund. They also helped save the park and we did have support from the local MP and Police and Crime Commissioner. We do get financial support from events but the events are mainly put on to encourage the community onto the park. We need more local groups to use the park and maybe have an interest in using the pavilion.

We are currently trying to secure funding for our table tennis project as this was one of the main activities the community wanted on the park, we have applied to Aviva for funding, we did receive £500 from them and we made it to the finals but did not win to get the full funding available.

We also submitted a bid to LIS (Local Improvement Scheme) the winning bids will be announced on 18th May. We are always looking at funding ideas for different projects. We cannot employ anyone to help with funding bids. Nottingham City Transport helped with the murals that were painted on the pavilion.

The MUGA (Multi Use Gaming Area) is also a priority and a separate committee has been set up to look at funding and working with the council. A meeting was held with the council on Monday 14th May to discuss the site. We are hoping to use the existing site next to Greenhill Road, we have arranged for a site visit with the council to check the existing footprint. The MUGA needs to be 30 metres away from residents, we have approached the residents around the park and there have not been any objections to the MUGA we are proposing to arrange for a form to be completed by the residents which will go with our funding bid showing no objection for our MUGA. The council has given us the names of providers and we need to do a detailed specification. We are hoping to provide on the MUGA football, cricket and basketball as these were the most popular activities requested by the community and from the schools who were approached. This will be an expensive item for the park but will be really useful and it is needed together with the table tennis tables. We are also looking at disabled access to the MUGA site and this will be included in the bid.

The pavilion is a problem as it is such a big item that needs re-development and to be made into some kind community building for use by local groups. The pavilion attracts anti-social behaviour as it is an easy target which is why all the windows were boarded up. We need community groups to use the pavilion. As the council still own the building they will want to charge rent for the up keep.

Community links – we need help from the community to keep the park going. We are to appear on the Inside Out programme in the Autumn, the programme is looking at the regeneration of parks and will be filming our summer fun day and a committee meeting. The last time we had filming on the park for the mural event a local building company offered to repair the roof after a spate of vandalism.

Anti-social behaviour on the park has led to damage to the pavilion and glass and litter around the park, the committee are looking at having a meeting with the local PSO’s and the ASB coordinator at the council, we need to look at ways of deterring the antisocial behaviour whether we put up signs or look at lighting the pavilion at night with security lighting.


This meeting was shared on Twitter and Facebook and the mystery prize was a bottle of prosecco which will be awarded at the fun day.

The meeting ended at 7.50pm

Next meeting is the AGM on Wednesday 27th June 2018 at St John’s Church, Oakdale Road at 6.30pm

5 Responses to Minutes from Public Meeting 16/05/18

  1. Jonathan Pickett says:

    I would appreciate seeing full plans for the proposed disabled access. Other than a door to door consultation whereby we expressed our objection to the proposals we have not received details of any drawings or full plans.
    Being a resident on Onchan Avenue, the last thing we need is another access point on our side of the park. We have always had trouble with parked cars and youths and this will be yet another area for people to congregate or park cars. If you actually live on our road you would then appreciate the problems we have had over many many years.

    • Maria Robinson says:

      Thanks for your comment, it has already been noted in our consultation. I can understand that additional parked cars on the narrow hill of Onchan Avenue could cause problems for residents. I have not published the plans and drawings on the Friends of Onchan Park website because the documentation belongs to Gedling Borough Council. The proposed pedestrian access point on the drawings is adjacent to the current vehicle access point. This is to allow wheeled users to access the proposed table tennis and multi-use games area, which will be in an area of the park currently only accessible with steps.
      I will arrange for the plans and drawings to be made available to you.
      Best wishes, Maria Robinson

    • Alison Pritchard says:

      Thanks for your comment. At this stage you have seen the only plans available when our volunteers visited you. We have carried out the door to door consultation as a first step, so that all residents and their views are taken into consideration from the very beginning. No ‘formal plans’ have been drawn up at this stage. Your views help to decide how the development of the park will progress.
      Our aim is to regenerate the park to meet the communities needs and as such we appreciate all comments that enable us to be aware of any potential issues for residents and park users.

  2. Jonathan Pickett says:

    If any plans and drawings could be shared that would be very useful, thank you.
    I was unable to attend the latest AGM unfortunately, so would appreciate any updates or new developments.
    Kind regards

    • Maria Robinson says:

      We will publish an update from the AGM on the news part of the website in due course.
      Best wishes, Maria

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