General Meeting Minutes – June 2017

Onchan Park General Meeting Minutes

Tuesday 26th June 2017 at St John’s Church

Officers’ reports and Committee update

Present:- Onchan Park Committee Members, Nicki Brooks Labour Councillor, Jane Richardson Gedling Borough Council, Paul Wilkinson Labour Councillor, Local community residents

Apologises – Amanda (Vicar)

The meeting was opened and everyone introduced themselves and the jobs they do on the committee.

1. Alison (The Chair) read the Chairs reports detailing the events regarding saving the park, the survey we undertook, how we started out as a small charity but now as we are going for funding we are now seeking full charity status as an incorporated charity so we can obtain high end funding. The support we also received from Nottingham City Transport for the mural event and the publicity for the mural and the offer from Wrights roofing to fix the roof but the council has used it own contractor. The report concluded that we need to finalise our application for the charity commission, we need to look for funding to improve the park and amenities. The map layout was shown at the meeting with things that we are looking to put on the park following the details from the survey.

2. Sally gave the treasurers report on behalf of Sheelagh, detailing the money in and out of the bank, the donations we have received and the balance of the account.

3. Paul the Events Committee Chair updated as on the events that had taken place on the park. Paul mentioned that we had 179 designs for the mural from the local schools, how it was supported by his employer NCT to fund the event. Paul discussed the 2016 Summer Fun Day which was organised within two week and how we also had a fantastic spooktacular, the Spring Festival and that plans were on track for the 2017 Summer Fun Day.

4. Website update from Maria who is our media communications committee member. Maria spoke about the website which has the latest news, the events page news. 44 posts added to the website with regular ideas, details from the focus groups and photos from our events and pictures from past and present on the memory page. We have 150 followers on Twitter which reminds people of the events. The Facebook page has a following of 979 members most of whom joined on the initial weekend when it was launched. The survey that was on the website had feedback from all over the world from people who had left the local area but still remember the fun times on the park. We use local networks regarding parks and Friends of groups and we are part of the Greenwood Group. We have also received support from the local media from Notts TV for the for 2016 Summer Fun Day and BBC East Midlands for the Mural Event. Gedling Eye always supports us and show details of the events and news. At the 2017 Summer Fun Day we will have a display regarding the park and the feedback from the community regarding our timeline and the community voting for our projects.

5. Committee update no one wanted to stand down and no one wanted to join.

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