General Meeting Minutes – January 2017

Onchan Park General Meeting Minutes

Tuesday 17th January 2017 at St John’s Church

Present:- Friends of Onchan Park Committee, Residents from the Local Community

Plans for the future now that the park is saved. Logo ideas. Possible ideas for events at the park.

The meeting was opened and everyone introduced themselves

1. Alison (The Chair) confirmed that the park had been saved and the council were not going to build on the park. We are looking to fund a MUGA, the mural on the pavilion which Nottingham City Transport would fund the cost of the paint and artist. We would re-instate the tennis court and look at the pavilion and whether it could be turned into a community hub.

2. Plans for the future to look at the pavilion and go back to the research that we have and look at the ideas and maybe go back to the community for feedback. We discussed the survey and petition.

3. The pavilion is a big concern as needs to be able to cover its own costs if we use it as a community hub, we cannot do classes as we need to re-furbish it, can we use the pavilion on a daily basis or should we knock it down and use the space for something else. If the pavilion was to be used as a community hub we would need to ensure that we did not conflict with other user groups, the pub and the church.

4. Ideas were shown for our own logo and the meeting agreed on the hands, heart and writing and maybe to include a mural design – need 3 options and whether we need darker hands or more people.

5. It was mentioned that we need new members for the committee and events and we need more people to help with the park.

6. We discussed the ground maintenance and the need to keep the park tidy – could we have a garden club and arrange for volunteers to attend the park on a regular basis for planting and looking after plants.

7. Tennis courts – one cannot be used because of the surface of the court – the actual tennis court to be updated with a new net. The council have agreed to re-do the white lines. The other court could be used as a MUGA and we need funding to update it, could we use the old bowling green for football as to turn it back into a bowling green could be a huge expense.

Any Other Business

Could we use the park to hold a car boot – although this may not be allowed as you cannot have one within 3 miles of the city centre.

The Elwes – could we have joint ventures with the pub to attract the community to both venues.

Gedling Show is going to move venues to the Gedling Country Park.

Roy Dixon – roofer could he look at repairing the roof.

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