Communications Officer Report July 2017

Communications Officer Report for the AGM/Public Meeting July 2017

Summary of the web activities, social media, email newsletter, networks and media links.

Website- 7 pages

Home- latest news and upcoming meetings/events
Events- details of up-coming and past events.
News-44 posts- details of our activities, plans, events, public meeting minutes, etc
Photos-Gallery of photos from our events and a few old photos
Memories- a collection of quotes from local people collected from facebook.
Friends of- How the group started, The Evidence that we submitted to the Government Inquiry into the ‘Future of Public Parks’ and a statement about the secure future of Onchan Park October 2016. Donations can also be given via paypal.

Twitter- started in March 2016. 150 followers, 563 tweets are mostly about our events, connecting with schools and businesses and organisations eg NCT and Gedling BC Bear Left Theatre Company, East Midlands today, Scouts, Haywood Road group etc

Facebook – Group- Save Onchan Park- 979 members. Events notifications and photos.  Posts by Rev. A Digman, Scouts, and lots of photos and links from people in the group.

Paper copies of minutes and Public meeting notices are posted to local people who have asked for them.

Email our 270 supporters about events, news- e.g. saved the park, public meeting notices etc.

Friends of Greenwood Community Forum- is a network of friends of groups in the greenwood area in Nottinghamshire which covers the wooded region between Nottingham and Mansfield. The forum can support our group by providing knowledge and experience and can help to develop our group through training, and advice.

Media-BBC radio Nottingham – interviewed Alison and Sally last year about our campaign.

East Midlands Today- filmed on St Georges Day for the mural unveiling. Local business offered to repair the pavilion roof after seeing the news report.

Gedling Eye website- always willing to share our story over the last year.  6 news articles

Roofing firm offer to fix damaged Carlton park pavilion roof for free APR 25, 2017 Vandals caused over £1,000 of damage after smashing up concrete slabs and throwing them onto roof
Carlton park group determined to beat vandalism APR 21, 2017 Volunteer group determined not to let damage to pavilion put stop to park improvement plans
Bus firm to pay for pavilion art project at Carlton park DEC 7, 2016 Nottingham City Transport is to pay for materials which will allow a graffiti artist to brighten…
Campaigners win battle to secure future of park in Carlton OCT 25, 2016 Council write to campaign group promising to shelve plans for housing at Onchan Park.
Youngster’s winning design set to brighten up former Carlton park pavilion OCT 12, 2016 Heather Cully’s design will soon be added to wall of building in Onchan Park
Carlton park mural competition proves popular with local school children 14, 2016 Winners of contest which has attracted over 170 entries being chosen by local councillors during event…


If you would like a copy of the minutes posting to you or a relative, please use the contact us page to request.

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