Stall at Elwes Arms on May Bank Holiday

Onchan park table in pub_1

Friends of Onchan park had a stall at the Family fun day at the Elwes Arms on the May Bank Holiday. Sally, Alison and Paul gathered signatures for the petition and survey responses.

Onchan table in Pub_1


Sally had decorated balloons and painted ‘SAVE ONCHAN’ on her nails!

Onchan nails_1


Thanks to Becky at The Elwes Arms for supporting our campaign. We had a brilliant time and gathered some vital local support.


General Meeting Minutes- May 2016

Onchan Park General Meeting Minutes

Monday 9th May 2016 at St John’s Church, Oakdale Road, Carlton


  1. Minutes from the previous General meeting – Agreed.
  2. Focus Groups – Lots of schools are helping us and doing focus groups letting us know what they think about the park and also they are going to display our posters, send details home in newsletters and encourage children and parents to visit the website.
  3. House to House – We will be going round the local area to ask local residents to complete our survey and sign the online petition.
  4. Gedling Borough Council – The council have been busy on the park cleaning it up and emptying the bins.
  5. Website – Visit the website to keep up to date on the news and download our poster to display in your window. (Coming soon!)
  6. Posters – Will soon be up in the shop windows.
  7. Party on the park – we are looking to have a Picnic on the park on the 12th June to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday – all will be welcome, just come along with your picnic and refreshments.


NEXT MEETING Public/General Meeting Monday 6th June at the church – 6.30pm


Letters of Support

Letters of support have come in from all parts of the community.

At the first public meeting a group of children wrote letters describing their feelings and drew pictures of what they wanted to see on the park. Read More


Kids’ Pictures and Posters

At the first public meeting at St John’s Church, several children made posters or drew pictures of their ideal park while their grown-ups were at the meeting.

This was the starting point for the impromptu focus group:



“We want to keep our park!” says Thea

Thea wants to have monkey bars, a zip wire, swings, a climbing frame and a slide.

She says ” We want to keep our park!”.

Read More


Picnic on the Park

Picnic on Onchan Park to celebrate the Queen’s 90th Birthday!

Bring your own picnic food, blankets, chairs and outdoor games.

Queen's Birthday Picnic

Have fun and enjoy your local park!


Friends of Groups in the local area

There are eight well established ‘friends of’ groups in Gedling all of them working hard to protect and promote our local green spaces.

April 2016 - The glade

April 2016 – The glade at Onchan Park

These ‘friends of’ groups and The Friends of Onchan Park are within the area known as the Greenwood Forest. The Greenwood Forest Community Team provides support to friends of groups in many ways. Find the Friends of Greenwood on facebook.

Close by, in Nottingham City, is Colwick WoodsWildlife in the City is a new project at Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust supported by Nottingham City Council. @wildlifeincity

Have you visited any of these local parks? Do you know anyone who works with any of these ‘friends of’ groups? There may be something useful that you could bring back to help our group. It would be so helpful if you could report your findings back to the group through this website, facebook, email or by attending a meeting and sharing your work. Please let us know if you already have links with any of these groups.


Video: Save Onchan Park

@NG4online produced a video showing Onchan Park and calling for it to be saved.

Have a look and let us know what you think.

Thanks, @NG4online we love your video of Onchan Park in the Spring!


Map of the local area

Local area map

Map of the local area showing road accidents, schools and care homes along with roads and green spaces. We have been showing this to the focus groups in our local schools.

This is a map of the local area, taken from the Nottingham City Council Insight Mapping website showing the road traffic accidents (yellow circles), schools (red houses) and care homes (purple C) along with the local parks and green spaces.

We have been showing this to the schools focus groups to illustrate the problems that will be created if Onchan Park goes. Children will have to walk a long way to the nearest alternative park with facilities for older children and they’ll have to cross busy, dangerous roads. The children consider Onchan Park a safe and close venue for them to easily access, with road safety being of paramount importance to them, (as well as their parents).

The children are obviously very interested to see this information. They see the balance between their personal safety and their freedom to walk around their local area. The children pointed out that with more houses comes more traffic, so not only are the green spaces being lost, but the roads will become busier.

What do you think of this? How would you be affected if the green spaces of Onchan Park disappear?