Onchan Park is a park in the Gedling Borough Council district at the top of Oakdale Road, Carlton, Nottingham, England. Bordered by Onchan Avenue, Onchan Drive and Greenhill Road the once vibrant park was used by people from across the region. The children’s playground, tennis court, 5 a side football pitch, bowling green and the flora and fauna all providing opportunities for all ages to be active and enjoy the surroundings.

Friends of Onchan Park Table Tennis Fund

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A year ago we saved Onchan Park, now we have entered the Aviva Community Fund to win funding for a Table Tennis area for community use. We had amazing support from local people and concerned supporters last year and once again you can help us to make a difference at Onchan Park by voting for our table tennis project with Aviva Community Fund.

It takes around 5 minutes to register on the website. You will then receive 10 votes for your favourite community projects. Outdoor table tennis would be a great addition to Onchan Park as it’s such an inclusive activity for all ages and abilities. It would really encourage the whole community to make use of Onchan Park in an area of the park that needs regeneration.

Have a look at our project pageregister with the website and give us your votes! Let’s make a success of this!

Link to the Project page: https://community-fund.aviva.co.uk/voting/project/view/17-2647

Register to vote: https://www.avivacommunityfund.co.uk/voting/user/login

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Are you wondering how this project will make a difference?

A table tennis area on the old turning circle would regenerate a forgotten corner of Onchan Park. This spot is the most sheltered patch of the park so hopefully the wind won’t interfere with the games too much. The Friends of Onchan Park would be able to supply some ping pong bats and balls. The park is open and unlocked all day, so the community would be able to access the table tennis area at any time.

According to the PingEngland website, the nearest outdoor table tennis facility is at the National Ice Arena, 2.2 miles away from Onchan Park. Have a look at this map, which shows the table tennis areas across Nottingham which were funded by Ping! There is a huge gap in the urban area of Nottingham in the east showing a lack of facilities for a large part of the Nottingham district. Having an outdoor table tennis area with 2 tables and a supply of bats and balls would allow a large population to access this inclusive and enjoyable sport. In fact there are no outdoor table tennis tables in the whole of Gedling, so this would be the very first in the area!

Land was set aside for a park when the houses around Oakdale Road were built in the late 1950s. Oakdale Road Recreation Ground was a community hub for people of all ages when the bowls club were active and a park keeper worked full time in the pavilion. 60 years later, the bowls team and park keeper have gone and the park needs regeneration. A sturdy concrete outdoor table tennis area will bring old and young back to the park and will be a lasting feature of the park for at least the next 50 years.

23,000 people live within a 30 minute walk of Onchan Park. That’s 4300 people under 16 who would benefit from increased physical activity and 3600 people over 65 who would benefit from the social aspects of meeting people and playing table tennis.
(Data from Gedling BC data insights and NCC ward boundary maps.)

The old turning circle is 12m x 12m and the ground will need levelling before the tables are installed. A table tennis table is 2.75m x 1.5m and needs a playing space of 8.5m x 4m. Two tables can be accommodated in a space 10m x 8m.
This project is about more than just a table tennis table. It’s about groundworks and installation of 2 outdoor table tennis tables on unused land, provision of associated equipment, free to use and available 24/7.

Local schools have been quick to support our table tennis project. Children at Parkdale, Sacred Heart, Carlton Central, Nottingham Academy and Carlton Le Willows would all benefit from a table tennis area at Onchan Park. These children helped to save the pavilion and the park with their colourful artwork on the pavilion. Now it is time for the adults to help develop the facilities on the park to create a space worth visiting.

Register and vote here- https://community-fund.aviva.co.uk/voting/project/view/17-2647


Next Committee meeting:logo 4th December 6:30pm at The Elwes pub on Oakdale Road.

Next Events meeting: 20th November

6:30pm at The Elwes pub on Oakdale Road.

If you can help out or do something for the group, please let us know and come along to the next meetings. We have lots of ideas for events, we are in the middle of a couple of projects (wildlife and spring bulbs planting, preparation for the next event, planning to improve the tarmac court and attempts to deter anti-social behaviour) so we need people who can work with us to get these ideas off the ground. Helpers to run activities at our events, people who could organise a sporting event on the park.

The last public meeting was on Tuesday 27th July 2017 at 6:30pm at St John’s Church on Oakdale Road. Minutes of the meeting will be posted here soon.

Click here to see more details about the meeting.